The Benefits of Owning a Rottweiler

Published: 18th June 2007
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Many people are afraid of owning a Rottweiler because this particular type of dog has a bad reputation.
People believe that the Rottweiler is a fierce and unpredictable dog but this is very untrue. A Rottweiler is a beautiful dog with a pleasant disposition. A Rottweiler is like a giant who is feared for no reason.

The Rottweiler breed originated in Germany around the time period of the 1800's. The Rottweiler has a very mellow disposition and is highly intelligent. This type of dog has been trained in military, police and customs work. A Rottweiler is used in these lines of work because the dog is extremely loyal. A Rottweiler thrives on human companionship and human interaction in order to be happy. When the Rottweiler first originated in Germany the dog was used for herding purposes.

A Rottweiler usually weighs between ninety and one-hundred pounds. The markings of a Rottweiler are black with a clearly defined tan. The Rottweiler is an excellent dog around children and with other pets. This type of dog usually likes to be outdoors.

The one downside to owning a Rottweiler is that several Rottweilers are known to be plagued by eye problems and hip dysplasia. Still besides these minor setbacks a Rottweiler is a loving and loyal companion.

When caring for a Rottweiler make sure to bathe the dog only when necessary. If the coat needs brushed make sure to use a firm bristle brush. This will ensure the glossiness and health of the Rottweiler's coat.

A Rottweiler is a gentle dog that loves its human companions very dearly. A Rottweiler is the perfect dog for an individual or family that has a big yard for the dog to play in. A Rottweiler is a larger dog and requires room to run around. This is a terrific breed of dog that makes
for a sweet pet.

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